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Helping pets & pet owners in Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park,
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Thatz My Dawg offers value by helping dogs and their owners become better friends. Owners can more fully understand and enjoy their pets. Dog, in turn, feel loved and appreciated and become inspired to behave obediently. Both are empowered by knowing what to do to achieve the results they want. Creating a positive relationship between people and their pets is in JD's opinion, one way to make the world a better place.

Owner and founder Jerald "J.D." Demery teaches dog owners how to achieve the results they want through positive reinforcement of good behavior. The pet learns to choose behaviors that will earn praise and rewards. Outdated fear based tactics are counterproductive and could create worst habits and possible regressions. Old methods that attempt to teach pets by force, punishment or restraint are not used. Instead JD teaches the dogs to learn by their own choice of actions not by fear. In turn the dog will chose things that bring him or her affection and treats. JD has been trained and certified by Animal Behavior College in Northridge California Lic. #ABC14488. He has been working with training dogs since 1989.

Thatz My Dawg specializes in one on one training, dog and puppy classes, dog walking and dog sitting for existing clients.